Debridement Brochure for Patients

What is a Debridement? Can't I just have my Teeth Cleaned?

Patients who have oral conditions requiring more than "just a cleaning" often do not understand the concept of debridement. Dentists and staff also find it difficult to explain the differences. This patient-friendly, easy-to-understand, positive language brochure provides a back up to office descriptions. You can help your patients understand what they need so that they will accept treatment.

This high quality, 6 panel, full color, glossy brochure provides:

  • The detailed differences between a "cleaning" and a "debridement".
  • A tactful explanation of how a patient may have developed a need for a debridement.
  • A commentary on the limited nature of insurance payment for the service.
  • Reinforcement that regardless of what insurance pays, dental health is vital to a person's well-being.

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BROC-DBR What is a Debridement? Can't I just have my Teeth Cleaned?
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