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- My Insurance Covers This...Right?  Best Seller
What is the Difference Between a
"Regular" Cleaning, a Root Planing, and Periodontal Maintenance? Best Seller!
What is a Debridement? 
- Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays - Why Can't I just Have a Filling?
- Your Mouth Can Make You Sick!  
- Implants and Others... When Teeth Go Missing
- Periodontal Disease. What You Need to Know New!

Informed Consent

- Informed Consent Form Booklet  - *(new forms added - Bisphosphonates and Prophylactic Antibiotic Pre-Medication)
- Informed Consent Form Booklet - Spanish Version

Manuals and Tapes
- Dental Office Letters



Chart Forms and Folders

- First Encounter  Charting System Starter Kit  Best Seller
- Treatment Schedule
- Treatment Estimate
- Fee Estimate - New!
- Dental and Medical History Updates
- Dental and Medical History Updates- Spanish Version
- Medical Updates
- Patient Information
- Patient Information - Spanish Version
- Dental Treatment Record - Progress Notes
- Dental Treatment Record - Progress Notes -
   Piggyback  Option
- Confidential Notes
- Initial Data Base and Recommendations
- Continuous Care Database & Recommendations
- Periodontal Screening
- Comprehensive Periodontal Examination
- Initial Clinical Examination
- Initial Periodontal Data Base
  and Recommendations - New!
- Emergency Record - New!

Chart Folders and  Accessories
Chart Folders
- Self Adhesive Vinyl Pockets
- Record Pocket Dividers
- Folder Dividers and Fasteners

Color Coded Labels
- Alphabetic 
- Name
- End Tab
- Circular, Month and Year

HIPAA Basics
- Notice of Privacy Policy
- Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice & Privacy Policy

Record Keeping - Updated - 8 Credit Hours
- Record Keeping / Self Study Course


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