Circular, Month and Year Labels

These 1/4" Circular Color Coded Labels are permanent adhesive labels, which can be used for medical alerts, insurance, credit and primary doctor coding. Please order by color needed. Month Labels identify the next continuous care appointment. The Month Starter Kit is a plastic desk file with indexes. Replacement Sheets are ordered by individual month. Year Labels also identify the next continuous care appointment and are ordered by the year needed.

LAB-5730 Red Circular Color Coded Labels
LAB-5731  Green Circular Color Coded Labels
LAB-5732 Yellow Circular Color Coded Labels
LAB-5733 Blue Circular Color Coded Labels

$2.50/Roll of 450 (by specific color)

LAB-67450 Month Label Starter Kit

$32.00/Set of 3000 labels (on sheets)

LAB-MONTH Month Label Replacement Sheets

$3.00/Pack of 250 
(by individual month: Jan-Dec)

LAB-YEAR Year Labels

$3.00/Pack of 250 (on sheets) or
$6.00/Roll of 500
(by specific year)



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