Starter Kit

A practice management, risk management package

The First Encounter Charting System provides you with everything you need to organize your data collection, treatment planning and informed consent/progress notes.

Our Starter  Kit consists of 200 pre-printed chart folders (CF-125) as well as 200 of ten scrupulously researched, color-indexed forms cut in "stair-step" lengths. These forms are:

  • C-101R Dental Treatment Record -- Progress Notes

  • C-102R Initial Data Base and Recommendations

  • C-202R Continuous Care Data Base and Recommendations

  • C-103R Comprehensive Periodontal Examination

  • C-104R Initial Clinical Examination

  • C-105R Periodontal Treatment Recommendations -- Updates

  • C-111L Treatment Schedule

  • C-112L Treatment Estimate

  • C-113L Dental and Medical Histories -- Updates

  • C-114L Patient Information

Converting to our system is easy. The full length folder pocket can be used for the contents of the previous record.

Look for details on both the chart folder and the forms by clicking on their descriptions on the "Products" page. Charts do not come assembled. Order labels separately.

C-200 The First Encounter Start Kit $346.00


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