Implants and Others…..When Teeth Go Missing

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Implant dentistry is a proven treatment option for patients with missing teeth.  However, most patients do not understand what an implant actu­ally is or how it functions.  They may have an unrealistic expectation of what an implant can do for them, or they may be so afraid to have one placed that they turn down a chance for a true improvement in their lives!  You may have noticed that most brochures about implants do not address the real questions that patients ask.  This brochure does!


Presented in easy-to-understand terms, this high quality 8-panel bro­chure covers:

  • Why missing teeth should be replaced — many patients do not  understand this!

  • A simple description of how an implant “works”.

  • The differences among “teeth supported” and “implant supported” replacements.

  • An explanation of the limited nature of insurance payment for implants.

Written by Carol Tekavec CDA, RDH, clinical hygienist, insurance columnist for Dental Economics and nationally known consultant.


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BROC-IMP Implants and Others ... When Teeth Go Missing    $35.00
Sold in packages of 50.
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  10-19 pkgs. $28/pkg
  20+ pkgs. $24.50/pkg.
BROC-STAND Acrylic brochure stand $10.00


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