Name Labels

There are 2 options for name labels:

Option 1:Regular Name labels are white adhesive (1/2" x 1 3/4"). Placed on top/end or indicated area on chart cover, they identify the patient by family account number and name.

Option 2: The Alpha Z Name Label Starter Kit comes indexed in a plastic desk file. These labels have a letter at each end. Remove the letter not needed and use the white portion for the name. Replacement sheets are available.

Label Protectors provide a protective laminate coating over the labels and around the chart tab. They come sized at 3 7/16" x 1 11/16".

LAB-06109 Regular Name Labels

$3.00/Pack of 250 Sheeted Labels

LAB-67150 Alpha Z Name Label Starter Kit

$42.00/Kit of 1500 labels (on sheets)

LAB-NAM(AN-MZ) Alpha Z Name Labels Replacement Sheets

$3.00/Pack of 100 individual labels (AN-MZ)

LAB-67600 Label Protectors

$4.00/Pack of 100     $18.75/500



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